The Fountain – GoPro underwater video

My GoPro went for a swim in a fountain.

Taste of Armenia Festival 2016 – Evanston IL

Taste of Armenia Festival 2016, late August in Evanston IL.

Firepeople – glitch art video

Recorded off the TV during a glitch in the broadcast.

Tuesday Afternoon – short film with Holga lens filter for DSLR

Experimenting with the Holga lens fiter and all the different effects I could get with…

GoPro Dishwashing

Having some fun on a Saturday morning with the GoPro washing the dishes.

Slow Motion Car Wash

Dash cam video of an automatic car wash in Chicago in slow motion.

Photo Series: Milwaukee Memorial Day Weekend

Milwaukee Kite Festival and the historic Third Ward in Milwaukee, WI on 5-29-16, Memorial Day…

Photo series: Chicago lakefront 7-31-16

Some photos from a lovely Sunday walk at Wilson Ave and the lakefront in Chicago…

Chicago Dash Cam – July 30th 2016

Chicago Dash Cam video from Saturday July 30th, 2016

Chicago Lakefront at Wilson Ave 7-31-16

Summer Sundays at the lake are the best.