The Collective Podcast with Aaron Draplin

It’s no secret that here at Panic Films we’re fans of Aaron Draplin and Ash Thorp. Ash, in all his genius decided to ask Aaron to be on his podcast and gave birth to the above meeting of the minds in a streaming SoundCloud. Put it on while you work and listen to a couple of real artists talk about their work, life, and even Metallica. For more info, check out The Collective Podcast every Monday.

Art by Ashley Wood

Here at Panic Films HQ we’re watching the mail this week in anticipation of the World War Robot: Edition book by Ashley Wood. In honor of the newest addition to our book shelf we selected a gallery of photos of some of our favorite Ashley Wood artwork we came across online.There’s some pretty inspirational stuff here. The painting style, color palette and looseness of the work makes it feel more alive and really sucks you into the world he’s creating with his art. Good stuff and good artwork. Enjoy!

Swoon Method – Lost Lieutenant

I have some talented friends. One of them happens to be a close and dear friend named Keith who is the man behind the band Swoon Method. Check out their new song “Lost Lieutenant” which is an answer to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom”. Who knew that Tom was lefty? I sure didn’t.

Game Your Video App Demo

Game Your Video is a fun little video editing app for the iPhone. Here’s a short demo we made using filters, music and some edits. The app has some good options and the included olde tyme music is pretty fun too. This is a great app for upping your Instagram videos or making fun little shorts on the run.

Evangelion: Another Impact

Here’s a great short film of what it might look like if there was a live action Evangelion movie. The scale and look of the Eva Unit is pretty on point here. The film is from Studio Khara’s Japan Animator Expo. For now, enjoy this and let’s all wait for the release of Evangelion 3.33 on blu ray.