Hot Hotel

Here’s another fun recent Vimeo find called “Hot Hotel”. Our team of overpaid interns weren’t able to dig up any model names but they did figure out that this is a Brazilian production, directed by Raphael Kempt Tormena, produced by photographer Primo Tacca Neto. For a video that shows the least amount of skin possible, it’s pretty damn sexy. Great edit and great music too. Check out Primo Tacca Neto’s sexy photo work here. Enjoy!


Chicago based artist Kevin B. Lee made this interesting premake of Transformers: Age of Extinction (coming out on disc media tomorrow!) that’s definitely worth the 25 minutes it’ll take to watch. Using his own footage and desktop recordings of videos shot during filming by fans watching the production he was able to “premake” his own version of Transformers. What makes this great for me is that it takes the excitement of watching a big Hollywood movie being filmed with explosions, cool cars, and the need to share the experience with the world on Youtube. Sure it wasn’t a great movie, but this is interesting and definitely worth watching. For more info, check out

Tuesday Afternoon

It feels good to make these short experimental films so quickly. I need to do more and stop sitting on all this footage. I shot this one on Tuesday and today is Friday. It was shot on a Canon 60D with Holga Lens Filter attachment. I definitely want to shoot more with it and try some photos as well. Enjoy!

Tuesday Crush – Elena Pavlovskaya

Today’s Tuesday Crush is Elena Pavlovskaya. We had no idea who she was until we accidentally found the video above on Vimeo.We did a quick Google search and found these fun facts about our new favourite Russian: She’s 23 years old, 5’4″ tall, from Moscow, works and has a degree in advertising, and is a 2 time champion in artistic gymnastics. Here at Panic Films, we first thought she was stunning and our research shows she’s so much more, and that makes us happy. Check out the photo gallery below and the bonus fun video!

The Midwestern Diner – Episode 1

After almost a week with the equivalent of a nasty cold thanks to allergies I’m back to posting what I missed this week. This is the first episode of a new web series I co-produced and shot with some friends. The series will feature Chicago chefs and we’re starting off with my good friend and an amazing chef, Michael Dean Reynolds. Check it out!

Tuesday Crush: Nazanin Mandi

I don’t remember how we stumbled upon Nazanin Mandi’s video here at Panic Films HQ but I’m glad we did. Aside from being the model girlfriend of musician Miguel, she’s Persian, Spanish, Mexican, Native American, and quite an accomplished model. Check out the video directed by Solmaz Saberi and enjoy the gallery we assembled below. Happy Tuesday!

Paralyzed Veterans of America Sports and Recreation video

I don’t often post my professional work on here but when I do, it means something for me. I spent a good part of June traveling the country shooting video of tournaments for Paralyzed Veterans of America to make the above promo video. It was both inspiring and fun. I’ve made some friends making this video and hopefully it will inspire more injured veterans to get involved and get into sports like wheelchair basketball or fun stuff like pool and bowling. If you don’t know about the PVA and their sports program, learn more here.

Side note: Look closely at the reflection on James’ sunglasses in the thumbnail and you’ll see me shooting the video!