Atari Teenage Riot – Reset Tour (2015) EP

We downloaded this new Atari Teenage Riot live EP here at Panic Films HQ in Chicago and the riot has indeed been started. I’m convinced that this will be the soundtrack blaring from the loud speakers around the city when the robots take over and we fight along with our zombie vampire brothers and sisters to save the planet. If anybody needs me at the time, I’ll be standing atop a burning bus on Lake Shore Drive with my arms raised in victory.

Save Film Threat and Bring Back DVDuesday

Chris Gore needs our help. He was not only the founder of Film Threat magazine but helped expose and bring indie film to so many people and his DVDuesday feature on G4 was one of the best parts of that show. If you like film, check out the Kickstarter and kick in a few bucks. We did and you should too.

The Collective Podcast with Aaron Draplin

It’s no secret that here at Panic Films we’re fans of Aaron Draplin and Ash Thorp. Ash, in all his genius decided to ask Aaron to be on his podcast and gave birth to the above meeting of the minds in a streaming SoundCloud. Put it on while you work and listen to a couple of real artists talk about their work, life, and even Metallica. For more info, check out The Collective Podcast every Monday.

Art by Ashley Wood

Here at Panic Films HQ we’re watching the mail this week in anticipation of the World War Robot: Edition book by Ashley Wood. In honor of the newest addition to our book shelf we selected a gallery of photos of some of our favorite Ashley Wood artwork we came across online.There’s some pretty inspirational stuff here. The painting style, color palette and looseness of the work makes it feel more alive and really sucks you into the world he’s creating with his art. Good stuff and good artwork. Enjoy!