The New Stormtroopers in The Force Awakens

It’s no surprise to visitors of the site (both of you) that we here at Panic Films HQ are huge Star Wars fans, especially Stormtroopers. Check out this great video by Tested showing the new Stormtrooper armor from The Force Awakens. It was made by Anovos for the 501st at this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA. We’re excited and hopeful for the new movie to be great and this is just getting us more and more excited. There’s lots of good things to come in the Star Wars universe this year and we are excited to see it all.

Indianapolis KISS Expo 2015


This past weekend I traveled down to Indianpolis with my dear friends from Pod of Thunder for KISS Expo to shoot a mini documentary and some photos. The guys were even recognized as we walked into the hotel, which was pretty awesome. It was a fun day with a Q&A session by the band’s sometimes drummer, Eric Singer and a cool performance by tribute band Mr. Speed. Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for the video!

Tuesday Crush: Melanie Iglesias

Sometimes we’re scrolling our Tumblr feed and we stumble on a photo with a name hashtagged and it turns out to be our Tuesday Crush today. Her name is Melanie Iglesias and she’s 27 years old, from Brooklyn, NY, and she’s Puerto Rican, Italian, and Filipino. She’s a model and has been a host on MTV too. It’s a helluva combination, don’t you think? Enjoy the kickass flip book video below to see her and her best friend Lisa Ramos in action. It’s a rare occasion that these videos are done right or that you want to watch all the way through and this is one of those.

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe digital comic

The 1980’s were a good time for boys and cartoons and toys. I know that for a fact. Two of my favorites joined forces and here we give you issue #0 of Transformers vs. G.I. Joe from IDW Comics. For more info, check out IDW web site for issues 1-8 of one of the best pop culture mashups of all time.

Kung Fury

Kung Fury has been making its way around the internet for a some time now. To try and describe this soon to be released short film would be a mistake so we’ll just quote the official web site here:

KUNG FURY is an over-the-top action comedy written and directed by David Sandberg. The movie features: arcade-robots, dinosaurs, nazis, vikings, norse gods, mutants and a super kung fu-cop called Kung Fury, all wrapped up in an 80s style action packed adventure.

Kung Fury takes place in a variety of exotic locations; 1980s Miami, Asgard and Germany in the 1940s, to name a few. With a limited budget to work with, we had to solve this by shooting most of the scenes against a greenscreen backdrop.

The trailer looks fantastic and you can tell it was made with love and respect for the content with a sense of humor. Anything with a music video by David Hasselhoff for a Kickstarter with this much attention is a guaranteed hit in my book.

Tuesday Crush – Sofia Vergara

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Tuesday Crush but we’re bringing the Latino heat today with Sofia Vergara. For those that don’t know the important facts, she’s 5’7″, Colombian, 42 years old, a natural 32F bra size, a natural blonde (which we like better on her anyway), and started her career with Univision. From all accounts, she’s charming and funny and we’re not disappointed at all. Check her out on Conan O’Brien and in our gallery below. Happy Tuesday indeed!
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Titanfall: Free The Frontier (E3 2014) VFX Breakdown

Titanfall: Free The Frontier (E3 2014) VFX Breakdown from Playfight on Vimeo.

Playfight is a Canadian studio specializing in production and effects. They made this amazing making-of video for a Titanfall live action short. We love the filmmaking process and seeing the secret sauce and how well it’s done. And this is done very well. We definitely appreciate the production value that was put into this making-of video and shows the love and care that was put into the final product. Enjoy!

C2E2 Photos – April 2015

It’s spring time and that means it’s time for the fun conventions to start! I went to C2E2 yesterday here in Chicago with a couple of old friends and had an excellent time. Lots of great cosplay, vendors, and very expensive hot dogs. It’s nice to see the growth of C2E2 over the years and I’m already looking forward to next year. Check out our photos below and comment if you were there or even if you’re in the photos!
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Atari Teenage Riot – Reset Tour (2015) EP

We downloaded this new Atari Teenage Riot live EP here at Panic Films HQ in Chicago and the riot has indeed been started. I’m convinced that this will be the soundtrack blaring from the loud speakers around the city when the robots take over and we fight along with our zombie vampire brothers and sisters to save the planet. If anybody needs me at the time, I’ll be standing atop a burning bus on Lake Shore Drive with my arms raised in victory.