Suspended by Chloe Early and Andrew Telling

Suspended from Andrew Telling on Vimeo.

Chloe Early is one of my favorite contemporary artists. She’s from England and paints gorgeous paintings of figures with some body sections scraped away in cityscapes, in the sky, and fields of color. Here she collaborated with filmmaker Andrew Telling on the film “Suspended” that shares the title of her new show at The Outsiders London. Check out a few of her paintings and more on the new exhibit here.




Tuesday Crush: Miranda Kerr

This is Miranda Kerr. You might have seen her on TV, all over the internet, and ads pretty much all over the place. In case you haven’t seen her, here’s some facts: she’s a supermodel, 30 yrs old, Australian, 5’9″ tall, Victoria’s Secret angel, and our Tuesday Crush today…and pretty much every other day of the week. Every week. Like all of our Tuesday Crush features we assembled a gallery of our favorite photos of the lovely Miranda Kerr. Enjoy!

Lucy Trailer

Scarlett Johansson is stars as a reulctant drug mule who pretty much becomes a super hero in the new film Lucy. It’s directed by Luc Besson and the story is that the drugs Lucy is transporting leak inside her body and she starts to use more and more of her brain’s capacity and obviously make her a great fighter that can kick some ass. Morgan Freeman is his usual bad ass self in the trailer and over all the movie looks great. Lucy comes to theaters August 8th, 2014. See you there.

Tiny Worlds by Rushes

From Vimeo: The CG team at Rushes brought to life the everyday urban world around our feet in “Tiny Worlds”, a trilogy of micro-shorts with a humorous take on what might happen to the litter and rubbish on London’s streets when we’re not looking.

I love how well done the video is, but also the length. I’d love to see more of these little vignettes but I also like how each segment is short and sweet. Good stuff.

George Lucas looking to open museum in Chicago


George Lucas is in talks with the city to possibly open a museum of art and movie memorabilia. He’s also been looking at San Francisco, which is his adopted home town, but now Chicago is his 2nd home as well after getting married to a Chicagoan. Mayor Emanuel is working on making the museum happen and I really hope it does. It would be a fun addition to the city and I really want to see the actual model of the Millennium Falcon that was used in the movie, aside from all kinds of other great Star Wars things. We’ll be following the museum story as it goes on and keep you posted.

In other Star Wars news, here’s what I’ve learned from various sources about the upcomingEpisode VII:
Tatooine is being recreated on a massive scale.
Peter Mayhew is playing Chewbacca.
Most of the cast has been chosen.
Filming has already started.

Episode VII is set to be in theaters December 18, 2015. It’s going to be a very Star Wars Christmas next year.

Tuesday Crush: Emily Ratajkowski


I know we probably should have proclaimed our love of Emily Ratajkowski like 6 months ago when everybody else was doing it but that’s why we didn’t. All the other blogs, music video reviews, and her dedicated Tumblr sites were on the ball so we just watched and appreciated her greatness.

Let’s face it, she was the real star of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video because it surely wasn’t the music. Treats Magazine introduced her to us and we’re forever grateful. With Emily in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and now in the Entourage movie that’s currently filming, we figured it was time to put together a gallery of our favorite photos of Emily, who also happens to be Esquire’s Woman of the Year 2013. We love Esquire and couldn’t agree with them more.

Chicago – A Film from the Chicago Board Of Education

Chicago – A Film from the Chicago Board Of Education from Fading Dyes on Vimeo.

Here’s a great story we stumbled across on a couple of different web sites lately: Jeff Altman, a professional film and video colorist found this film at an estate sale on the south side of Chicago. He cleaned it up and put it online. His research tells us the film is from the 1940′s. The comments on the Vimeo page for the video show more info from viewers as well.

I love to see old photos and film of Chicago and what the city looked like. There’s even a shot of my old work at 680 N. Lake Shore Drive looking great with it’s blue tower. It’s not clear what the film was intended for but that’s part of the greatness here. Who knows how long this film was in this home on the south side, how it got there, or what, but that’s why we like it. Hope you do too!