Aphex Twin – Collapse

Aphex Twin has always been a favorite of mine. His music and video collaborations never disappoint, raise eyebrows, and are always something you’ve never seen or heard before. That tradition continues on in this video by Weirdcore for his new Collapse EP. Can’t wait to hear the EP when it’s out!

Chicago Botanic Garden with the Sony a6500

Here’s some sample footage from the Sony a6500 at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The slow motion is really great and the 18-105mm lens with the powered zoom is beyond excellent. Lots of the footage here is available at Storyblocks.com along with other clips that didn’t make it into this video.

Slow Cooker Crock Pot Chili Recipe

This crock pot chili recipe turned out great. What I love about this is that you can use different beans, meat, leave out the pepper, or anything you want. I just happen to have these ingredients on hand when I wanted to make chili and it turned out great.

Walking on The 606 Bloomingdale Trail in Chicago

If you’re not from Chicago or you’ve never been on The 606 Bloomingdale Trail, then check out this walking video of the elevated walking path. We started our walk in Wicker Park and went all the way down to Logan Square. It’s definitely worth another walk or bike ride before the weather gets too cold.

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