The D.O.T.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything from Mike Skinner on Twitter, or anywhere else. The Streets have ended but he tweeted a new video from a site called The D.O.T, and after reading this article from The Guardian, I see it’s his new project with Rob Harvey from The Music.

Towards the end of The Streets, Mike was posting a lot of DSLR videos on the site that I think he made himself. These new videos tell stories, show random scenes, and then there’s something like this.

I’m definitely going to make an effort to keep up with The D.O.T. and see what happens, especially with plans of a new album in the works from Mike and Rob.


Lomography announced their first movie camera today, the Lomokino. It’s a handcranked 35mm movie camera. No batteries needed. This is amazing. The videos that are posted look fun. It’s just under a minute of footage per roll of film which can get expensive if you’re making something of considerable length, but who cares! You’re making a damn 35mm movie! On a hand cranked camera! Embrace it. Love it.
I wonder if Super-8 is next for Lomography. Maybe 16mm? Till then, I’m holding back the urge to bust out the credit card and buy my own Lomokino. Check it out here.

Ghost of the Beach – LomoKino from Lomography NYC on Vimeo.