New Videos From Philipp Virus

Philipp Virus is one of my favorite video directors. Ever since seeing his work with Atari Teenage Riot and the artists on the Digital Hardcore Label in the 90’s, I’ve been a big fan. I saw these 2 videos on my Youtube subscriptions today so I thought I’d share. Good to know he’s still doing work.

And the classic “Sick to Death” by Atari Teenage Riot

Pretty Hate Machine

It’s kind of like visiting an old friend when bands reissue/remaster albums. Nine Inch Nails has remastered the CLASSIC “Pretty Hate Machine” for your listening pleasure. This should be required for every serious music fan. Enjoy the lovely looking and sounding “Head Like a Hole” video and buy the album here.

Nine Inch Nails: Head Like a Hole (Remastered) from Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

Winnie The Pooh Official Trailer

This trailer for Winnie The Pooh made me very happy last night. Kind of surreal to hear Keane, music from my adulthood with such a beloved cartoon from my childhood. Also worth noting is how faithful to the original and beautiful the drawn animation looks. Well done Disney. Thank you for not fucking this up.